58153 Air Traffic Movements in UAE last month


Source:  www.wam.ae

WAM Dubai, June 16th, 2011 (WAM) — General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) has announced that air traffic movements in UAE grew at a rate of 7.6 per cent in May 2011 compared to the same month last year.

The GCAA said in its monthly report that total air traffic movements in May 2011 were 58153 with an average of 1876 air traffic movements per day.

GCAA’s Air Traffic monthly report for May 2011 showed the number of air traffic movements in each UAE airport. Dubai ranked first with 25692air traffic movements. Over flights stood next at 12826 air traffic movements. Abu Dhabi ranked third with 8239 air traffic movements. According to the report, air traffic movements in Sharjah International Airport ranked fourth with 5061 movements. Local flights between UAE airports were in the fifth position with 5409 movements. Fujairah International Airport witnessed 307 movements, while Ras Al Khaimah International Airport had 252 air traffic movements and Al Ain Airport had 172 air traffic movements. Al Maktoum International Airport witnessed 195 shipping movements.

The report indicated that as far as air safety is concerned, the GCAA renewed 5 Air Operator Certificates (AOC), completed 15 licensing transactions for aircraft maintenance companies, 8 aircraft registration certificate transactions and 48 airworthiness certificate transactions. Further, GCAA conducted 15 inspections and audits, and issued 22 simulator certificates. In terms of SAFA system 4 foreign aircrafts and one air operator were suspended, and for (ROSI) system 76 aviation incidents were reported.

As for security and infrastructure operations, GCAA conducted 8 inspections and audits, issued one transaction for dangerous goods cargo agency, and renewed 6 certificates for dangerous goods training centers.

As for crew licensing, GCAA issued 123 new crew licenses, renewed 155 licenses, issued 24 temporary permits, completed 48 type additions to licenses, issued 13 replacement licenses, thereby bringing the number of crew licensing transactions in May 2011 to 391.

As for aircraft maintenance engineers licensing, GCAA issued 8 new licenses, renewed 45 licenses, completed 411 type additions to licenses, issued one temporary permits, thereby bringing the total number of aircraft maintenance engineers licensing transactions last month to 477.

Regarding aeromedical activities, the report indicated that GCAA issued and renewed 1105 medical certificates in various qualified categories, appointed 5 medical committees, approved 3 decisions by medical committees, and carried out 43 transactions to return crew licenses. As such, Aeromedical related transactions in May 2011 stood at 1156.

Further, concerning air traffic controller transactions, the report showed that GCAA issued 2 new licenses, renewed 19 licenses, and completed 4 type additions to licenses. As for urgent service transactions, there were 524 crew transactions, 105 aircraft maintenance engineers transactions, 9 Aeromedical transactions, and 6 aircraft crew card transactions. As such, urgent service transactions stood at 644. In addition, the GCAA conducted 277 crew and aircraft maintenance engineer examinations.

Concerning the International Affairs, the UAE initialed in May 2 Air Transport Agreements with Uruguay and Mali, and signed memoranda of understanding with Uruguay, Colombia and Mali.