Dubai Airport Freezone sales surge 23 per cent



The Dubai Airport Freezone Authority said it registered a 23 per cent increase in sales in 2010 over the previous year.

Dubai Airport Free Zone
Dubai Airport Free Zone

The growth was driven by the increasing number of new companies and expansion by existing companies working in the freezone.

Out of the 102 new companies registered in 2010, 28 per cent are from Europe, 27 per cent from the Middle East, 21 per cent from Asia and the rest from the US, Japan and other countries.

Aviation companies form the largest segment in the freezone with 14 per cent, followed by electronics with 11 per cent, followed by engineering, computer, cargo advisory services and consultancy companies.

The activities of the companies are segmented into two major areas including trade which represents 68 per cent and services sector representing 32 per cent, which comes in line with the mechanics of the global economy in which trade plays the biggest part.

Sustained performance

Shaikh Ahmad Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, President of Dubai Civil Aviation, Chairman and Chief Executive of Emirates airline and Group and Chairman of Dubai Airport Freezone, said, “The achievements in the past years are part of the unique strategy of the freezone. The freezone will continue to sustain performance, quality and development, helping it to enter the foreign markets in future, which is one of the objectives and priorities. We aim to achieve 20 per cent growth in sales by the end of this year as compared to last year,” he said.

Shaikh Ahmad added the Dubai Airport Freezone has made Emiratisation one of its priorities in order to give opportunities for national cadres to run the institution.

Last year the freezone recruited 125 national staff, bringing the total number of UAE national employees to 201.

Emiratis currently hold 100 per cent of the top management positions at the freezone, while 74 per cent of the middle management are also nationals.

“Dubai Airport Freezone is committed to selecting staff with the high competencies and expertise and pays attention to quality human resources, as they are the most important elements of the production process. We will develop our human resources and implement a motivational system for our employees,” Shaikh Ahmad said. “Twenty-three per cent growth in sales of leasable space in 2010 for the European, Gulf and Asian companies in different sectors is a positive result which can be built on in the current year. This necessitates focusing on the industrial markets to attract more foreign investments,” Shaikh Ahmad added.

“Registering 102 new companies last year was excellent, given the current global economic conditions. We will redouble our efforts to increase the number of investors through promotional programs that suit the needs of the targeted markets, meet customer requirements and exceed their expectations in terms of service delivery and streamlined procedures.”