Dubai Customs starts working with ATA Carnet next April



Dubai Customs has announced that work with the temporary import of what is called ATA Carnet for the Temporary Admission of goods. These goods and professional equipment will be brought into the country for a short period of time to serve a certain occasion will be from the first of April 2011 in compliance to Istanbul Agreement.

DubaiThe announcement for applying the ATA came in the 2010’s final quarterly meeting of Dubai Customs Consultative Council which was held in Dubai Customs building on Thursday 2010 under the patronage of Ahmed Butti Ahmed, Executive Chairman of Ports, Customs and Free Zone Corporation, with the attendance of Yousef Al Sahlawi, Senior Executive Director of Corporate Affairs, Ahmed Mahboob Musabih, Executive Director – Customer Management, and Mohammed Faraj Abdullah, Director – Client Management along with the Council’s 24 representatives of business sectors in Dubai.

During the meeting, the new electronic website of the Consultative Council has been launched and a presentation for the most prominent achievements of the council for 2010 has been done. 36 focus meetings were held for different sectors during the first year of the Consultative Council which was inaugurated on 21st January 2010.

Ahmed Butti Ahmed asserted the importance of the council’s regular meetings in talking about different important topics and overcoming obstacles that might face business sectors.

He said that ATA Carnet will be effective and usable starting from the first of next April, and it will enhance the event and exhibition industry in Dubai in particular and the UAE in general due to the facilitations that it will provide. Customs centers that will accept the card are Dubai International Airport, Al Maktoum International Airport, Dubai Cargo Village, and Jebel Ali Port.

He added that the card is the same among the member states under Istanbul agreement and can be issued from the National Guaranteeing body in the country of origin which is mostly the Chamber of Commerce in that country.

He added that the Consultative Council’s website which has been announced alive in coincidence with the meeting, will provide information on the Council’s different events, minutes of the meetings which can only by accessed by entering username and password that have already distributed to members of the council as well as information on the Council’s history, its members, regulations, policies, procedures and e-services.

Representatives of business sectors expressed their appreciation for Dubai Customs’ quick response towards the issues that they raise saying that decisions that have been announced during the meeting will beef up economic sector in Dubai in particular and the UAE general.

Paras Shahadpuri, president of Indian Business and Professional Council said that these meetings can add up to the transparency and cooperation that is witnessed in the shared and co-operative work between business sectors and Dubai Customs’ decision makers, commending HE’s co-operative spirit.

Deepak Babani, Chief Executive Officer of Eros Group said that Dubai Customs deals very gracefully and quickly with all issues presented by representatives of business sectors.