Dubai inaugurates Al-Maktoum airport – First integrated aviation complex in the region



UAE (Dubai) – Completing the first phase of Al-Maktoum International Airport shows the importance of the continuing development process for the first integrated aviation complex to be built in the Middle East, head of the Dubai Aviation City Corporation (DACC) Sheikh Ahmad bin Said Al-Maktoum said.

Sheikh Ahmad stressed in a statement during his official inauguration of Al-Maktoum International Airport for the movement of freighting the support lent by “Dubai World Central” for the emirate’s needs of aviation, tourism, trade and logistical services till 2050 and afterwards.

He added that, “Dubai government is still fully committed to the completion of Al-Maktoum International Airport and Dubai World Central according to the definite schedule and we do not entertain any doubts on the capacity of multiple logistical services center on providing big benefits for Dubai economy and the Middle East at large.” Sheikh Ahmad added that, “this particularly comes at a time when transport and logistical services sector plays an increasingly important role in the emirate’s diverse and rapidly growing economy.” Meanwhile, executive manager of the DACC Khalifa Al-Zafein said in a similar statement that, inaugurating Al-Maktoum International Airport represented another step toward the continuing development of DACC.

He added that, “Dubai World Central, as the first integrated complex of aviation services in the Middle East, provides transport solutions of multiple uses, world network and advanced operational system that meets the needs of work environment that currently requires speed and high efficiency of execution.” Al-Zafein added that, inaugurating the new airport would form a new achievement added to the other projects of which gigantic “Dubai World Central” consists of commercial, residential and educational utilities of the free zone.

On his part, operational chief of the DACC Rashed Boqarah said that Dubai World Central represented an integrated solution to the challenges of the 21st century in trade and transport sectors through linking Dubai to the world through land, sea and air, and so Dubai could now than ever provides through its distinctive location a wide range of unique privileges to the world business society.

“This would help upgrade the level of services offered to the clientele, reducing expenses, increading the efficiency and efficacy of supply chains in what contributes to the growth of Dubai emirate and the region as a whole,” he added.

Dubai Roads and Transport Authority had declared yesterday the finalization of all engineering and installation works to the entries and exits of Al-Maktoum International Airport and handing over the site to the relevant department at the Civil Aviation Authority on June 15, 2010.

The initial costs of such works reached about AED 25 million, while the first phase of the project that includes an airport with a capacity up to five million passengers, besides a freight capacity of 600,000 tons being finalized to put the airport into operation in the mid of 2010.