Dubai International Airport targets 90m passengers by 2018


By  Staff

Dubai’s advanced infrastructure and high-level of connectivity should help the emirate edge the competition as it steps up its bid to become the world’s largest international air hub by 2018, according to the president of Emirates airline Tim Clark.

“Dubai Airport’s ‘SP2020’ plan will enable capacity at Dubai International to rise from 60m to 90m passengers by 2018,” Clark told the Oxford Business Group. “The paramount advantage that Dubai must continue to leverage is its superior infrastructure.”

He said that the government’s efforts to ensure transport networks were well coordinated would give the emirate an advantage over its rivals, even though the number of countries looking for a share of the global markets was rising.

“Not only have leaders successfully developed a highly efficient road network, a state-of-the-art port operation and a hugely successful airport, but they have also ensured a level of connectivity between each of these entities that is unrivalled anywhere in the world,” he said. More info