DWC Staff Village

About DWC Staff Village

The Staff Village will provide a uniquely desirable living environment. This residential hub will offer various accommodation options for a range of staff categories. Featuring a Central Plaza at the heart of the villages along with a fully equipped community centre, residence will enjoy all the modern facilities and amenities for a comfortable lifestyle.

1-DWC Residential City Staff Village:

The Staff Village at DWC Residential City will have a dedicated area of 61 hectares has been allocated at the southeast corner of the city for roughly 43,000 staff.

2-DLC Staff Village:

The Staff Village at DLC is located to the south of the Forwarders’ Area on approximately 62 hectares of land.
The Village is intended to provide accommodation to around 52,000 of DWC staff. The average plot coverage for the residential buildings is in the range of 40%