Emirates, flydubai services cut by Dubai Airport repairs


By Alexander Cornwell, Staff Reporter  Gulf News

Dubai: Emirates airline and flydubai are facing a reduction in services next summer due to runway repairs at Dubai International Airport.

The northern and second runways at the world’s second busiest airport are scheduled to undergo maintenance repairs from May 1 to July 20.

A spokesperson for Dubai Airport said airlines were informed earlier this year that capacity would be reduced by 28 per cent during the 80-day repair period.

Further details on the reduction of services have emerged in a letter sent by Dubai Airports CEO Paul Griffiths to airlines in April. The letter is available on aviation website www.acl-uk.org.

Airlines will be required to reduce their operations to Dubai Airport due to significant capacity reduction resulting from single runway operations, the letter reads.

A Dubai Airports spokesperson said he would not comment on the authenticity of the document. More info