GCAA announces 12.8% growth in air traffic movements in September


Source:  www.ameinfo.com

The UAE General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) announced that air traffic movements in the UAE grew at unprecedented rate of 12.8% in September 2010 compared to the same month last year. The GCAA monthly report indicated that total air traffic movements in September 2010 were 52,693, with an average of 1756 air traffic movements per day.

GCAA’s monthly report for September 2010 showed the number of air traffic movements in each UAE airport. Dubai ranked first with 24068 air traffic movements. Over flights stood next at 11674 air traffic movements. Abu Dhabi ranked third with 7753 air traffic movements. According to the report, air traffic movements in Sharjah International Airport ranked fourth with 5350 movements.

Local flights between UAE airports were in the fifth position with 3194 movements. Fujairah International Airport witnessed 339 movements, while Al Ain Airport and Ras Al Khaimah International Airport had 224 and 84 air traffic movements respectively. The recently opened Al Maktoum International Airport witnessed 7 shipping movements.

The report indicated that as far as air safety is concerned, GCAA completed 23 licensing transactions for aircraft maintenance companies, 7 aircraft registration certificate transactions and 50 airworthiness certificate transactions. Further, GCAA conducted 10 inspections and audits, issued 1 air operator certificate, completed 1 aircraft modification transaction and issued 24 simulator certificates and 13 examination permits. In terms of SAFA system, 20 inspections were carried out. Finally, 46 aviation incidents were reported.

As for security and infrastructure operations, GCAA conducted 18 inspections and audits and issued 5 licenses for companies operating in dangerous goods shipping. GCAA prepared 202 airport control tower reports, held 30 internal and external meetings in relation to security and infrastructure operations with several institutions and companies operating in the field of civil aviation in the UAE, provided 1 emergency training course, and issued 4 infrastructure safety violation tickets.

As for crew licensing, GCAA issued 329 new crew licenses, renewed 299 licenses, issued 70 temporary permits and 27 letters certifying aircraft license details, completed 46 type additions to licenses, issued 33 replacement licenses, and conducted 128 crew examinations, thereby bringing the number of crew licensing transactions in September 2010 to 932.

As for aircraft maintenance engineers licensing, GCAA issued 33 new licenses, renewed 38 licenses, completed 227 type additions to licenses, issued 4 replacement licenses and 13 temporary permits, and conducted 167 aircraft maintenance engineer examinations, thereby bringing the number of aircraft maintenance engineers licensing transactions last month to 485.

Regarding aeromedical activities, the report indicated that GCAA issued and renewed 414 medical certificates in various qualified categories, appointed 3 medical committees to hold medical councils, approved 2 decisions by medical committees, and carried out 47 transactions to return crew licenses. As such, aeromedical-related transactions in September 2010 stood at 466.

Further, concerning air traffic controller transactions, the report showed that GCAA issued 3 new licenses, renewed 8 licenses, and completed 14 type additions to licenses. As for urgent service transactions, there were 577 crew transactions, 25 aero medical transactions, 84 aircraft maintenance engineer transactions, and 4 aircraft crew card transactions. As such, urgent service transactions stood at 690.

Regarding training courses, there were 3 external courses attended by 8 trainees and 5 in-house courses attended by 68 trainees.

Meanwhile, last month saw a number of important events and activities: investigation started into the crash of the American cargo plane, Boeing 400-747, in Dubai on 3 September, in which two crew were killed. GCAA team of investigators supervised the investigation with the help of international investigators. GCAA also hosted at its headquarters in Abu Dhabi on 15-16 September the second meeting of the team assigned with the task of reviewing the regulatory rules of the Convention on the Liberalization of Air Transport between the Arab Countries, which was attended by representatives of the aviation sector in Arab states acceding to Damascus Open Skies Convention.

Further, GCAA hosted in Dubai the seventh meeting of the Cooperative Development of Operational Safety and Continuing Airworthiness Programme for the Gulf States (COSCAP-GS), which was attended by representatives of the civil aviation sector in Kuwait and Bahrain, as well as representatives of ICAO’s regional office in Cairo, Federal Aviation Agency and Boeing.

Furthermore, the UAE, represented by GCAA, participated in the meetings of the 37th session of ICAO’s General Assembly in Montreal, Canada. The UAE‘s high level delegation was headed by H.E. Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri, Minister of Economy and Chairman of GCAA. Al Suwaidi, who also chairs ACAC’s executive council, was unanimously elected vice chairman of the 37th session of ICAO’s General Assembly. He delivered the speech of the UAE at the official meetings before delegations from 190 states and met the president of European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC), the president of the African Civil Aviation Commission (AFCAC), the president of Latin American Civil Aviation Commission (LACAC), the Interstate Aviation Committee of the Commonwealth of Independent States and the Montreal Group of Asia-Pacific Representatives on the Council of ICAO.

The UAE‘s delegation actively participated in the technical meetings of committees on safety, security, environment and others. In addition, a memorandum of cooperation was signed between GCAA and the Transportation Security Administration with the aim of enhancing the partnership between the two parties.

H.E. Saif Mohammad Al Suwaidi, Director General, GCAA, commented:

“The growth of air traffic movement reached its highest, compared to same month last year. This is a clear indication of the continued growth of the civil aviation sector in the UAE and the increasing demand from services offered.”

“On the other hand, GCAA’s activities last month highlights the role played by the UAE in the aviation sector internationally, as demonstrated by its active participation in the meeting of ICAO’s General Assembly, strengthening the relations with a number of high profile states and organizations, and the regional specialized meeting hosted by the UAE,” he added.