Heathrow bomb claim drama costs Emirates $68,000

Al Maktoum International Airport

By Andy Sambidge  www.arabianbusiness.com

A man who claimed there was a bomb on an Emirates airline plane walked free from court despite admitting to being drunk on an aircraft, it was reported on Monday.

Al Maktoum International AirportRonald Fowles shouted “you are all going to die” before being hauled off the plane, which was scheduled to fly to Dubai from Heathrow Airport in January.

On Monday Judge Nicholas Loraine-Smith handed Fowles, of Dover, Kent, a four-month jail sentence.

But the defendant, who admitted one count of being drunk on an aircraft, was allowed to walk free because he has already served seven days in custody and spent 220 days on curfew.

Southwark Crown Court heard that passengers were left terrified when Fowles and a fellow traveller were allowed to board the flight while “out of their heads” following a heavy drinking session.

The court was told that he informed those seated around him: “To blow up a plane all you need is two bags of sugar and some water.”

The saga, which took place on Emirates flight EK004 as it taxied to a runway last January, cost the airline more than $68,000, the Press Association reported.

The crown offered no evidence relating to a second charge of making a bomb threat.