International SOS Bases Operations Out of the UAE to Transport Hundreds of Evacuees home



Dubai’s International airport and other UAE transit hubs served as safe passage for hundreds of evacuees from the Middle East says, a recent report released by the international medical, travel and security assistance company International SOS. To date in Tunisia, Bahrain, Egypt and Libya, International SOS conducted nearly 3,000 evacuations to help over 450 global clients get their travellers and expatriates home safely and securely.

DWCThe company claims that in order to address the spike in the number of members requiring assistance across the Arab world, the UAE was selected to route hundreds of its members who were in need of assistance evacuating from the region’s turbulent countries.

“The UAE provides a reliably stable environment with international standard medical resources, and a proven modern transportation infrastructure that is geographically accessible to the rest of the world,” commented Olivier Ryder General Manager, International SOS MEA. “More traditionally thought of as a booming tourism hub, organizations and families across the Middle East can feel at ease in knowing that the UAE’s robust infrastructure has proved to be a viable option that is in close proximity should the need to evacuate staff or loved ones arise”, he added.

International SOS has recently made significant investments to its regional headquarters in Dubai. By doubling the size of its regional alarm center, International SOS has optimized functionality and improved the communications between its specialists medical, security and operational staff.

International SOS now also operates an Abu Dhabi based air ambulance service to provide victims throughout the region with increased response times and direct access to the UAE’s robust network of doctors and operations staff who have the ability to rapidly identify medical care options and appropriate patient triage. International SOS has successfully evacuated thousands of its members from Libya, Egypt and Bahrain, in recent months and is currently re-mobilizing in staff to deploy in other countries in resonance to the shifting political climates.

“Working with our joint venture partner Control Risks, we are constantly reassessing our procedures to ensure the safety of our members as the political and security climate within the region changes,” says Daniel Andresen, Regional Security Manger, Travel Security Services, a joint venture of International SOS and Control Risks. Daniel adds, “By working with our resources in the UAE and around the region, we can assist clients to appropriately plan for the multitude of situations that may arise and help ensure the safety of their employees.”