New signage at Dubai airport


By Staff

The Dubai International airport (DXB) has installed a new alpha-numeric system for gate numbering and way-finding, making it easier for passengers to navigate through the world’s fourth busiest airport for international passenger traffic.

Based on the response of extensive customer research and feedback, Dubai Airports, airlines, ground handling and control agencies operating at the DXB applied a new alpha-numeric system across all airport signage and computer support systems during an intense and highly coordinated eight-hour window on Tuesday.

The move impacted everything from flight information display screens to boarding cards and airport reservation systems and required a change in more than 1,500 signs.

Hundreds of airport staff, including Dubai Airports’ May I Help You personnel, was deployed across the airport to support customers during the transition. “Essentially we have looked at this through the eyes of our customers to help them find their flights with ease and convenience,” said Paul Griffiths, CEO Dubai Airports.  “Research shows us that passengers find alpha-numeric system a far easier way to navigate through the airport and locate their boarding gates,” he added. More info