Raytheon installs ATM System at new Al Maktoum Airport


By Bill Carey  www.ainonline.com

Raytheon has completed delivery and installation of its latest generation AutoTrac III (AT3) air traffic management system at Dubai’s Al Maktoum International Airport, which is scheduled to open in 2012.

The automated system, which has 60 air traffic controller stations, will provide approach control services for Al Maktoum International, Dubai International, Sharjah International and Al Minhad Air Base. It will also support tower operations at the Dubai and Al Maktoum international airports.

In a press briefing on Monday here at the Dubai Air Show, Stephen Dumont, Raytheon director of international ATM, said the AT3 system for Dubai had completed site acceptance testing and awaits operational approval from the UAE government. The system comes with an advanced conflict-probe software tool and integrated arrival and departure management. This past summer, Raytheon trained about 20 controllers in the system’s operation; in turn, they will train another 100 to 150.