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Boeing says aircraft orders ‘holding firm’ in Middle East

US aerospace company Boeing is not expecting any delays or cancellations to its orders in the Middle East, according to a senior company executive. In...

Emirates Gives Airbus 29 Billion Reasons To Build A New Superjumbo...

Of the 139 Airbus A380 superjumbos that have been delivered over the past eight years, 52 are flying with Dubai's Emirates Airlines — with dozens more on order. That's why when Emirates demands a redesigned version of the superjumbo with more efficient engines, Airbus listens.

Airlines set to buy $4 trillion of planes

Global airlines will need to buy 28,000 new aircraft worth US$4 trillion (Dh14.69tn) to meet the demand for air travel over the next 20 years, according to Airbus, the giant European planemaker. In its latest Global Market Forecast, published yesterday, Airbus predicts the global passenger plane fleet will rise to more than 32,550 aircraft by 2031, from 15,500 today. The prediction is 1.3 per cent higher than Airbus anticipated last year.

Farnborough airshow takes place against a backdrop of debt woe

For Chicago-based Boeing, this year’s show offers a chance for its revamped 737, called the 737 Max, to close a gap with a rival jet. The Max has a more fuel-efficient engine than its predecessor and will compete with Airbus’ A320neo, another top-selling plane in the same size range that is getting a new engine. Higher fuel prices mean airlines are willing to pay for more fuel efficiency.

Boeing, Airbus and the great Emirates conjuring trick

A few years ago Christopher Nolan, whose current film Inception is turning into one of this summer’s blockbusters, directed a thriller about two rival magicians. Set in London at the beginning of the 20th century, The Prestige tells the story of how two magicians obsessed with creating the very best stage illusion engage in fiercely competitive one-upmanship. It all ends tragically.