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Heathrow airport can’t compete with Dubai in terms of usage

Dubai International Airport is predicted to be busier than Heathrow by 2016. Heathrow airport is currently the world’s busiest international passenger air hub, however, its owners have admitted that they will not be able to stop Dubai from overtaking it in terms of usage. Heathrow is operated by British Airport Authority (BAA) and an executive has admitted to 7DAYS that it is powerless to compete with Dubai’s growth.

Dubai Is The World's Ultimate Airport Layover Destination

Sometime in the next four years, Dubai International Airport will become the world's busiest airport, surpassing Heathrow with nearly 80 million international passengers a year. Airport officials predict as many as 98.5 million international passengers will pass through by 2020, more than twice as many as the 47.2 million that passed through in 2010.

Virgin Atlantic eyeing second route to Dubai

London-based Virgin Atlantic will launch a second frequency to Dubai following the first delivery of its long awaited Dreamliner aircraft, the carrier’s CCO said Thursday

The mistake in cancelling a third Heathrow runway

Many of us in the UAE fly regularly into Heathrow Airport, whether for business, tourism or to return to our home country.

The mistake in cancelling a third Heathrow runway

We have experienced the delays and queues at Heathrow, somewhat eased over the last two years by the opening of Terminal 5. But the Heathrow experience still compares unfavourably with the ease of moving through the spacious halls of Dubai’s new terminal, while massive expansions are under way at Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, not to mention the new Al Maktoum International Airport.