UAE, the most connected country in the region: Report



Dubai — The United Arab Emirates is the most connected country in the Middle East and North Africa as it is ranked 12th out of 140 countries worldwide, jumping six places since 2013, according to the third edition of the Global Connectedness Index, GCI, report by DHL.

The report documents that global connectedness, measured by cross-border flows of trade, capital, information and people from 140 countries, has recovered most of its losses incurred during the financial crisis.

The depth of international interactions – the proportion of interactions that cross national borders – gained momentum in 2013 after its recovery had stalled the previous year.

Nonetheless, trade depth, as a distinct dimension of globalisation, continues to stagnate, and the overall level of global connectedness remains quite limited, implying that there could be gains of trillions of US Dollars if boosted in future years. More info