Woman hides drugs in digestive organ

Airbus A380
Airbus A380

By Eman Al Baik  www.emirates247.com

A Kenyan woman has allegedly transported 718.08gms of methamphetamine in capsules.

Emirates boeing777Obaid Humaid, Sergeant at Dubai International airport, suspected transit passenger LWN, 32, as she was walking suspiciously in the transit hall.

“I asked for her passport to check information. But she got scared and was confused. I asked a female sergeant to inspect her. A wrap of paper which contained white substance was found with her. A capsule and another wrap of paper contained the same substance were also found hidden in her private part and luggage bag. The accused confessed to hiding other capsules in her digestive organ. Legal procedures were taken against her,” he testified.

Hind Salman, 35, policewoman testified that the accused released a total of eight capsules from her body when detained in Dubai hospital.

The accused confessed to the accusation of transporting psychotropic substance. The Court adjourned the case for verdict until May 4.